• Compact Collimators

Compact Collimators 1 & 2

Autocollimators are an optical instrument used to precisely measure and align optical components and mechanical deflections. Rental houses, service or repair shops and anyone who owns their own cameras and lenses can check and measure the back focus.

All New Modular Design:

By using a standard 300mm dovetail plate, digital and film cinema cameras can be quickly attached using their own Bridge Plates. Now it only takes a few seconds to dock or remove the camera for a quick check!

8K Siemens Star:

For the most accurate measurement of the highest resolving lenses, a new 300+ LP/mm Siemens Star was created with more than 4 times the resolving power of any contemporary model.

Vario Mount System:

A new Mount System was developed as a collaboration between Hanse-Inno-Tech GmbH and MTF Services. The worlds first all Positive Lock Vario Mount System was created even for the M4/3 and Sony E-mount adapters!

Variable Length:

Every length between 1 and 5.5 meters in 0.5 meter increments can be odered.


Our unique design makes the CC‘s very light and yet very robust

Making instruments and tools better is not enough!

We also wanted to create many new features and tools!

360° turnable dovetail plate:

Start measuring the focus markings right from the Autocollimator.


Use the Siemensstar to see and even measure Cromatic Aberrations quickly.

Colour Matching:

Check any lens set or zoom for colour matching and finding the look, whether cool, neutral or warm.

Magnetic Dampers:

To ensure that the slides do not collide.

Sliding Bridge Support Plate:

For long or heavy lenses.

Within the next two years:

Many extra accessories and tools will be made available!

  CC1 CC2
Model Visual Electronic
8K Siemensstar yes
Focal Length 140mm 300mm
axis of alignment 3 5
Magnetic Dampers no yes
Rotating Dovetail Plate no yes
Retail Price 9.950 EUR 17.900 EUR
Modular yes
Mounts available now PL, EF, E
Mounts coming soon F, C, MFT, FD, R,M, B4, PV, BNC-R