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Compact Collimators (CC) *Preview*

The Hanse-Inno-Tech Autocollimator is a universal test bench designed for testing camera equipment and lenses to achieve optimal back focus and will work well with all Cine style primes, zooms, and photographic lenses. We will offer two variations, CC1 and CC2.

The CC1 version is aimed at the budget conscience production companies, small rental houses and even the individual home usage cameramen and women. It is a well working Collimator and Distance Mark Checker.

The CC2 is designed for advanced needs required by service and repair shops, TV stations, and rental houses that may need to use it on a daily basis. It new and modular design allows a lot many features in just one Compact Collimator. All of this at a price point that has never been heard of till date.

What is new at the CCs?

This new modular design is truly one of the lightest, robust, modular, most versatile and accurate Autocollimators on the market! Has a lot of new features and measurement capabilities, such as 5-axis of alignment (CC 2)!

The Hanse-Inno-Tech Autocollimator can truly be called compact and literally offers a significant reduction in weight, space (variable, depending on your needs) and the best price to performance ratio to date.

Past to Present:

25 years ago it would have been much more difficult for the users, where they would have been dependent on the observations of the individual.

This is why the beam and double bar was favoured.

Today, with using HD cameras on high quality monitors that have build in focus assist as well as 2x and 4x pixel to pixel zoom functions, this is hardly the case anymore. Now the sharpness of the picture is the criteria!.


The Hanse-Inno-Tech Autocollimators are very high quality, solid built, precision instruments. We are all about optical excellence… and we are just getting warmed up!

We anodized our parts and chose materials that are commonly used in the aviation and space industry.

The two Rack & Pinion stages provide precise, smooth motion with no backlash and straight line accuracy! Made from extruded and reinforced aluminium plating, it also has a helical movement on a brass rack which allows for precision and smooth travel along the entire length of track. Each track also includes a scale that is aligned with the stage vernier and easily allows for a stepless positioning to quickly measure the back focus of lenses and cameras.

With the proper configuration, the H.I.T. Autocollimator can handle payloads of up to 100 Kg. (220 lbs.) and still be called the lightest in the world.

Collimator Description and Tech Specs

The CC1 comes with a high quality 140mm focal length optics and the CC2 comes with an even more accurate 300mm focal length optics, both are High Quality made in Germany by Möller Wedel.

The reticles on both models use the Siemens Star.

The collimator can be used for testing the lenses directly on the camera as well as for testing of the flange focal length (distance of lens to sensor/film-plane) of interchangeable lenses. Moreover, the instrument is well suited for controlling the variation of the image plane when zoom-lenses are used (error in the control curve).

The CC2 functions on a newly designed Autocollimation concept. It is distinguished by high precision, particularly a wide measuring range and ease of adjustment. It also features a new kind of Autocollimator mount which has never been done before. This new feature provides two more axes of precision angular adjustment for a drift-free alignment with minimal cross coupling and an accurate positioning.

An Autocollimator with 5-axis of mobility and fine adjustments!

The digital micrometer accuracy displayed on a LCD has a resolution up to .00005" or 0.001mm. Additionally the display can be rotated up to 330 degrees for easy reading in any position. Has a Function Zero-setting, Data hold, Data output, Preset, inch/mm conversion and an Alarm for: Low voltage, Counting value composition error.

We chose to bring our Autocollimator to market using industry standards, such as the standard dovetail plate. This is something that speeds up time for everyone, plus most working professionals / rental houses usually have all the accessories they already need. Now, within seconds, one can detach the mounting measurement block and dock your camera with its own bridge plate adapter with ease. This will speed things up especially for rental houses.

We will be shipping all CC2’s with the DENZ BP-multi special, which is designed for the Ø19 mm rods and the dovetail fits on the widely available lens support plates.

The undercarriage is supported by one piece of solid CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum which can be quickly mounted to the rails. Each supporting segment has two, tools-free, levelling feet for an easy adjustment.

New Features

The first Autocollimator that smartly incorporates the industry standard Dovetail plate within its design.

We have put a lot of attention to detail, one of them is the adapter base on the mounting measurement block, which can be shimmed. When swapping adapters, i.e. from EF to PL mount, the micrometer stays within tight tolerances, thereby saving time on the distance of travel the micrometer usually needs to be wound with the changing of every lens adapter.

And by not using the beam and double bar system, our customers are now able to also evaluate lenses for Chromatic Aberrations, similar to that of a lens projector!

Another worlds first. We can now also measure colour coatings of lenses and also make comparisons between all lenses in the set. The stills can be saved onto a standard SD card, for referencing and comparing on the Autocollimator or even on a personal computer. No collimator has been able to offer this feature previously!

Since our Autocollimator is a modular design, one can order it in a variety of lengths. The profile can be ordered in any standard length from 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter and 2.5 meter. We can also make custom requests for any sizes ranging between 1 and 6 meters.

Another new feature is the 360° horizontal pan for the 300mm dovetail plate. This allows for a quick turnaround to check the accuracy of the barrel markings.

The Marshall HD camera contains both HDMI and HD-SDI outputs. It is one of the best we have tested on the market. With it’s 2.5 Megapixel 1/3 inch CMOS sensor.

Lens support for Ø19 mm rods and Ø15 mm rods.

All stages and stoppers on the CC2 version come with built in high strength magnets on the ends to reduce the chance of accidentally impacting or colliding which gives everything a smooth end stop transition.

All stages run smoothly and even quieter than previous Autocollimators. The stages also have locking knobs for adjustments and are colour coded in blue, making them easy to find.

LED Light source

For our LED source of lighting, we cast our eye to one of the best in the world… Schott. Our favoured version for the CC2 is the Schott KL 2500 LED. It comes with a wide range of power supplies, continuous dimming from 0.0 to 100.0%, maintaining approx. 5600° Kelvin colour temperature and a filter slider with two positions. Built in electronic shutter function, the LCD display indicates brightness setting, operation mode, or error code. Intensity control at three sensitivities (fine, standard and coarse tuning). Not in the least, it comes with 1000 Lumens output at light guide end. The Schott LED light source is compatible with up to 6 different colour filters.

We are also using High flexibility Fiber optic light guides which create near shadow-free illumination.


The profile we choose was made for optical engineers working on large scale optical and instrumentation setups with a high load capacity. We even use this profile for testing and measuring the Celere HS lenses at our facility. The carrier base is aluminum with 4 webs (nearly 1/2” thick) on a cylindrical design, which increases the longitudinal and torsional rigidity as well as maintaining a lightweight support.

CC 1

The CC1 is a classic Auto-reflex Collimator with some new and extra features at a price point that has never been heard of before!

The CC1 is a well built budget conscience collimator that we are bringing to market for under 10K Euros. It is uses a standard eyepiece viewfinder, similar to that of a microscope with a build-in variable diopter for setting the focus and viewing without needing your eyeglasses.

For the CC1 version we will be offering the KL 300 LED due to its compact design and simple operation. Being 80 percent lower energy consumption compared to conventional halogen light sources, it has the additional potential to save money with a more than an adequate white light output. At 5600° Kelvin, there is no change of colour temperature while dimming the light source. Higher light intensities can be focused to a very small field of view.


We will be offering many mounts and the measurement tools to go with them, such as PL-mount, Canon EF-mount, Sony E-mount. Additional mounts can also be purchased.

An optional extra carrier slider is also available as a base support for heavier zooms lenses as well as accessories.

We will be offering many more accessories soon, one of them is a Siemens Star test chart that quickly mounts onto our profile, plus many more test charts that can be mounted as well.

We are also offering the new Titan arm from Bright Tangerine because we like the quality! The hardened stainless steel and anodized components, gives you multiple clamping options and the highest load capacity of 8 Kgs while reducing the wear and tear in the system.

We will also be recommending our favourite monitor, the SmallHD 702 Lite. We have been using this monitor in our measurement department and enjoy its ease of use, small compact form, dependability and it’s full of features.

A recommended accessory is being able to attach achromats that can be mounted onto the Autocollimator in order to focus the collimated beam at a fixed finite distance.

We also offer a complete flange focal distance measuring set. It includes a ground plate, gauge cylinder, i.e. 52mm and a dial gauge 0.001mm with a mount. We can offer gauge cylinders for Canon EF, Nikon F, etc.