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Camera Sled

The camera sled we developed shines through in its high carrying capacity and is ideally suitable for heavy camera systems.

Thanks to our specially designed nylon rollers, it glides extremely easily and quietly. The guiderollers are mounted eccentrucally and can be readjusted at any time.

The structure is completely out of aluminium. Through the use of square tubing we have achieved a very high rigidity as well as a low weight. The guide rails are bveled out of hardened steel. They are Nickel-plated and thus shielded against oxidation. To guard the rails against an impact they have been set slightly inward.

The camera sled‘s ends have magnetic dampeners which inhibit a sudden stop. If need be, the magnetic brackets can be easily unscrewd.

One of its many features is to mount it upside down (underslung). This is achieved through the sled‘s precision prism rails.

The camera guide rails are extendable as often as you like. This is simple to do with very little hands on. We developed the sled ensuring that it can be very easily cleaned. The sled can be fully extended by opening the toggle latches. The core concept lies within its modular design. Various fluidhead adapters can be quickly changed, i.e. 100mm/150mm bowl or Mitchell base.

The camera sled comes in three common sizes:

65cm/26.6“ (100600),
95cm/37,4“ (100610),
120cm/49,2“ (100615).

Additionally we offer various mounting accessories such as: Step-less rotary joint for Euro- mount or Mitchell base, Euro-Spigot, Euro-shell, Mitchell base, 28mm spigot adapters an end-brackets for lighting stands.