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Products - Euro-Adapter

Euro Off-Set

The length from the center of the Euro-Mount to the center of the female Euro-Mount (receiving end) is 475mm. Like all of our off-sets, this arm is machined from solid block of aluminium.  Additionally the Off-Set contains 6 x 3/8 inch camera-screw mounting threads. The Euro-Mount is machined from aircraft grade hardened aluminium.

Rotating Euro Off-Set

We developed this Euro-Mount to rotate easily and release without tilting. Therefore it can also be used to steer the camera. The off set is machined from a solid block of aluminium and thus is able to withstand heavy loads. Just like all our aluminium products the Rotating Euro-Mount is hard coated, ensuring the maximum resilience.

Multi Euro-Adapter

With a scaffold adapter (48mm dia.) and 28mm connecting pin (stud) or 25mm connecting pin. The Euro-adapter and the extension for the scaffold adapter are machined from aircraft grade hardened aluminium, yet have the tensile strength of steel. Depending on your needs, the two stainless steel threaded studs are easily exchangeable.

Coupled Euro-Adapter

All of our Euro-Mounts are made from hard-coated (anodized) aluminium. Bolted together with the connecting-plate, it becomes an extremely lightweight double ended Euro-adapter. You can purchase our Euro-adapters individually as well and order the connecting-plate (coupler) later.

Safety Disc

Our safety disc is made from aluminium. It has beautiful ergonomic form and is therefore very easy to handle.