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Special Car Mount

The special Car Mount is suitable for one camera or alternatively Grip & Lighting equipment. With the available extension up to three cameras can be rigged. It has a load capacity for up to 80 kilos (176 lbs.) and is perfectly suited for uneven surfaces, such as car hoods. Rigging takes just a few minutes. After adjusting the camera, the Special Car Mount has to be additionally secured (e.g. Ratchet straps).

The Special Car Mount has a high inertia thanks to its own weight an the payload is distributed within a larger area. This enables the Special Car Mount to absorb shakes an vibrations to a high extent.

The sole mechanical component is based on an adjustable system of pins. Up to 63 pins can be inserted into the Special Car Mount. Each pin has an integrated magnet on the bottom side. To protect the surface and to avoid any shifting, each pin is equipped with a rubber foot.

The Special Car Mounts pin system is easily fixated with a central locking device. Every Special Car Mount contains six sets of 63 pins each. The sets consist of the following lengths: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 350mm. Thus, the Special Car Mount is freely height-adjustable and applicable for all kinds of smooth to uneven surfaces.

The Special Car Mount itself is only 120mm high - including the four -way-leveller.

Thanks to the four-way-leveller the framing of the image on the camera may still be corrected a changed vent after the Special Car Mount has been locked down.

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